stigarraga Davis was founded by seasoned lawyers from large-firm practices seeking a better way to serve their corporate clients. We sought this better way in response to new factors affecting both the legal profession and its corporate clients:

  • The globalization of commerce led (and is leading) clients into new markets, requiring their lawyers to have knowledge of foreign rules, cultures, and legal landscapes.
  • Regulations and laws have become more complex, requiring informed legal advice from lawyers who have not just knowledge of the law, but experience in specific industries and fields.
  • In a constantly changing business environment, clients need to learn promptly about important legal developments that affect their ability to compete and to foresee coming changes before it's too late.
  • Corporate clients face increased pressure to be more productive to do more with less. More than ever, clients need to spend cost-effectively, maximizing the return on their expenditures, whether for capital equipment or legal services.
  • Information technology has empowered clients to better measure results and productivity, enabling them to evaluate the value and quality of their law firm's service.
  • Telecommunications, including E-mail and the Internet, have made a law firm's office location less important than it once was.
  • Computerized legal research, document management software and other information technology, as well as efficient paralegal use, have made it possible for boutique law firms to handle large cases.


onsidering those factors, we concluded that for our fields of practice, we could provide tangible benefits for our clients in a focused boutique setting:

  • By focusing on only selected practice areas, our lawyers can continually hone their knowledge and stay at the forefront of the legal developments in our selected fields. To enhance that knowledge, we are committed to continual training for all our lawyers.
  • We are more efficient in a boutique setting. Rather than hiring squads of recently graduated, inexperienced lawyers who often are trained at the client’s expense and must be kept busy, we have invested in information technology, computers, telecommunications equipment, and legal education training for our focused team of experienced lawyers. This enables us to staff our cases more efficiently.
  • By narrowing our focus and increasing our efficiency, we keep our hourly rates and costs lower than those of many competing firms. Focus and efficiency also enable us to consider alternative fee arrangements tailored to the needs of our clients and long-term relationships.
  • Clients often tell us that they “hire lawyers, not law firms.” When one of our lawyers takes on a case, that lawyer is personally involved, hands-on, maintaining a close relationship with the client.
  • Finally, our firm places a strong emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. We have a first-rate, experienced staff that contributes meaningfully to our clients’ experience. Most of our personnel speak English and Spanish. In a boutique setting, our entire team – lawyers, paralegals, and staff – shares our commitment to client service.

In short, through focus, we magnify our strengths.

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