n litigation, arbitration or negotiation, understanding an opponent's mindset is critical to success. This is particularly challenging in international cases. Astigarraga Davis lawyers are accustomed to dealing with foreign parties. Many of our international lawyers are multicultural and fully bilingual, allowing them to evaluate and measure communications without the filter of a translator, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

REGIONAL LEGAL EXPERIENCE Many of our lawyers know the foreign systems, their rules, and the right questions to ask. That familiarity with the procedures and ways of foreign jurisdictions provides our clients a clear advantage. Described by Chambers Global Guide to the World's Leading Lawyers as "a major figure in Latin American litigation and arbitration," José Astigarraga has been consulted by the World Bank on Latin American legal reform and is involved in a variety of Latin American legal projects, as are our other lawyers.

LEGAL KNOWLEDGE COMBINED WITH LANGUAGE CAPABILITY Even when the two sides speak a common language, such as English, miscommunications can occur where one of the participants is not totally fluent. Concepts such as liquidación, pagaré and embargo, might be subject to literal translation but are not identical to corresponding American or European legal concepts. Having overseen litigation in many Latin American jurisdictions as well as in the U.S., many of our lawyers are able to translate and communicate the issues to our clients - not just literally, but conceptually as well.

MULTICULTURAL ADVANTAGE In addition, our legal team is multicultural, including some who were born or have lived abroad. Whether assisting a multinational business negotiating a settlement with a Latin American company, or a European or Latin American company litigating with an American firm, our lawyers understand the cultures and systems that affect the dispute. Our firm is known to have such skills. José Astigarraga has lectured, particularly in Latin America, on issues such as the impact of culture on the resolution of business disputes.

EXPERIENCE WITH SENSITIVE CASES In many countries, corruption, political forces and anti-foreigner resentment are important factors that impact a dispute. Opposing parties may initiate criminal proceedings in their home country to intimidate the foreign company into settling. We are experienced in countering such tactics.

As well, we have extensive experience dealing with high-profile cases that require sensitivity to public perception and political consequences. For example, we have advised a European state-owned company transporting nuclear waste through the region. In addition, we represent foreign governments.

Such assignments require not just legal knowledge but an in-depth understanding of the political landscape, court systems, important players and public relations, as well as sound judgment born of experience.



stigarraga Davis handles cases throughout the U.S. and Latin America from our office in Miami, often regarded de facto as a Latin American city. For years, our lawyers have handled matters throughout Latin America without offices in those countries. In fact, we enjoy one advantage over firms with foreign offices. A firm with its own offices in a country will want to engage its own personnel in that office, even though another local firm might be more suited for the client's particular problem. Our independence from such pressures allows us to provide an objective recommendation of the best local counsel for the situation at hand.

Our firm has experience with business disputes throughout the hemisphere, including:

Whether in a dispute being litigated in more than one country, or in a case pending in a single Latin American jurisdiction, we can serve our clients well from our base in Miami, the "Gateway to Latin America."



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